How to Download Birth Certificate Online in Delhi


How to Download Birth Certificate Online in Delhi




Hi, Congratulations for the new member in your family. Your Hospital will given you a Birth Certificate form to be filled from your side. I hope this post will help you to obtain the Birth Certificate of your cute baby easily and will make you understand the process.

Delhi government (SDMC) has made the process of obtaining Birth Certificate very easy. If you have pre-decided the name of your baby then you can get the Birth Certificate easily online but if you haven't decided the name and finalize the name after some days of the birth then you have to make a visit in the SDMC office once (which is a cumbersome process). So if you are reading this before the birth of your child then it is suggested to finalize the name and fill it in the form given to you by the hospital. 

STEP -1:

Fill up the form given by the Hospital carefully and avoid any mistakes in the information you provide as it is very difficult to get any information changed (it will just eat your time).


Go online on Birth certificate online   or which will look like 

Birth Certificate



Scroll down a to the next screen



Click on Registration of Birth & Death as marked.


Birth certificate in delhi


Click on Online Birth Certificate as marked.


Now there are 2 options. Either Search the Certificate by your registration number or by putting your details. It is easier to search by your details as you always remember them.

birth certificate

Tick on Search without registration number and then put a check on the security feature of the website confirming that you are the qualified person to obtain the certificate.



Fill in your details as required

birth certificate in south delhi


Full details will be displayed now. Fill in the Applicant name ( which is you) and your address. 
birth certificate agent in delhi
Pay online Rs 21/- from netbanking and a pdf will be generated. Download the pdf.


The pdf is the Birth Certificate of your child.
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